Monday, May 16, 2011

3 drawers down

I've been working on the other 2 drawers, it's a really slow process. The 2 middle drawers are both 5". The bottom drawer is 7.5". I should have done 5.25" and 7", would have been a lot easier, since I have to glue up boards for the bottom drawer. I drilled the holes for the hardware, it isn't screwed on yet, I still have to varnish the fronts. The  centre slides have been giving me a little bit of trouble. I slammed my thumb between the face frame and the drawer back, while pulling one out. It broke the back of the drawer. My thumb is a still healing.

Hand cutting dovetails sure isn't easy. I'm getting a little better at it, still have to work on my precision. It's easy to chip off a corner if you're not careful.

I'm pretty happy with the gaps on the drawers. They're still fitting a bit tight though. The last 2 I did, I oriented the grain so I can plane all the way around, without tearing out. It's looking too nice for the basement kitchen. It is my practice kitchen, since I'll be making almost the identical drawer unit for upstairs.

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