Thursday, April 28, 2005

Knock Knock

Where have we been?
Has anything gotten done?
Where has all the time gone?
Why haven't you posted?

We are still here.
Fence almost done.
Garden looking good.
Basement floor dirt.

I guess these last week or so has mostly been taken up by the kids. Ella has t-ball (2days) and ballet, along with birthday parties and family gatherings, endless trips to Home Depot and Safeway. O, and don't forget about the temper-tantrums. Man, talk about sucking the time (and life) out of you! At least the fence is half done and looks beautiful, and when it's finished I'll post the pictures for you all to see. The weather has been glorious and hot- t-shirt weather- and I've been in the garden from coffee time to dinner time moving stuff around, pruning, dead-heading, adding and subtracting plants and bulbs and yesterday I found my calalily.


Jocelyn said...

I love days like that, where you work outside all day. It just makes me feel so...well.

No apologies for having a life outside your house so to speak. :)

Trissa said...

Even if you haven't been posting, you're getting a lot done. Can't wait to see the fence and the garden!