Tuesday, April 12, 2005

There's A Hole In My Basement, Dear Liza

We've started ripping out part of the basement slab. It's a wopping 2" thick. It's so thin, I can break it with my 20oz masonry hammer. I drilled a bunch of holes 6" apart, and then used the masonry hammer, and a brick chisel (?) to make a straight line between them. Then I broke out the 16lb. sledge, although I didn't have to hit it hard at all. The part we're taking out is about 30'x6'. We knew the slab was in bad condition, the way it cracked when we were levelling the house. It would be nice to replace the whole slab, I don't think that's going to happen though, it's just too big of a job. If most of it has lasted this long, then it should be okay. We're adding a full bath, a powder room and a small kitchen, so there's lots of plumbing to do. I'm adding a step down at the back door as well, so we can have a full height door, right now it's only 5'-7", and I've hit my head many times.


Trissa said...

I'm seeing a common thread to your posts latetly... digging and concrete. I sure hope you don't also belong to a gym. You're getting your work out right at home!

derek said...

And hopefully the concrete and digging will come to an end. Then I may need to belong to a gym... oh I forgot about the garage and the driveway, I still have a lot to do next year too.