Tuesday, August 2, 2005

The Case of the Crooked Casing

Chet's jalopy was in the shop, so we took the station wagon to get some supplies. A four foot spirit level, determined that the back wall was more than a little out of plumb. Steve the carpenter suggesting cutting some rather long wedges, so the door would remain plumb, and the casing could follow the plane of the wall. He also suggested some flashing at the top of the door. We used the sawsall to cut a space behind the stucco, then got the flashing in to the gap. After using almost a whole tube of calking, it's not as noticeble as we thought it would be. Just a few more trim pieces to bridge the gap between stucco and wood, a little more wood filler and some paint and it'll be done. We back primed all the pieces, I read somewhere this is a good idea, even the old wood wasn't rotted at all, and I reused it where we could.

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