Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New laundry area

We moved the washing machine to it's new location last night. I hooked up the drain for the laundry sink and added a standpipe for the washing machine. We plumbed the water hook up on Sunday, so there wasn't a lot to get it going. The vent still has to be completed, but it'll work for now. We put the dryer back in it's old location for the mean time. We need about 45' of wire to move it, and we need to put in a new dryer vent. So maybe we'll have it done by next week sometime. I hope things start going a little quicker, with the slab poured... there's still so much to do though. Deb is stripping the vinyl floor in the bathroom upstairs, there was a big hole where the toilet used to be, so we're just doing a temporary floor, until we figure out exactly what we're going to do with the bathroom. It's just going to be black and white checkerboard, peel and stick tiles, eventually we'll probably put hexagon tile in there. I found a piece of black coping tile in the wall, I wonder what it looked like when they gutted it?


Trissa said...

Sounds like good progress. I'm still impressed by how nice the slab looked.

derek said...

yeah, it's a shame to cover it up. It give you respect for mirror finish concrete, especially if it's hand finished.