Thursday, August 11, 2005

Plumbing for the weekend

We've decided to get rid of the cast iron stack, which means we have to replumb almost all the DWV (sewer pipes). Hopefully we can do this in one day, since we don't have a lot of plumbing, with just the one bathroom, the kitchen and the laundry area. We're going to change the orientation of the toilet in the bathroom, Deb doesn't like seeing the toilet when you come in the front door, so it'll go against the side wall. I'll probably cut out the new hole tonight or tomorrow night. Right now, we're just trying to fill the dumpster, which hopefully we can finish tonight. The basement is almost finished, but there's dirt to get rid of on the driveway too, as well as some reminants of the concrete driveway. It's a good thing we're friends with both of our neighbours, since the bathroom is going to be out of commission for a good part of Saturday. With little kids that's a good thing, at least one is still in diapers.


Trissa said...

I hope the plumbing went well and you filled the dumpster. I kind of miss having a big green dumpster in the front of the house. It's so much faster than going to the dump and I found that it smelled much better. Did you have to get a permit for your dumpster or is it on your property?

derek said...

We fit the dumpster on the property this time, we don't need a permit here, it just has to be parked legally. If they weren't so expensive, I think I'd get another one for all the junk I still have to get rid of.