Thursday, August 25, 2005

Plumbing, Gravel and Concrete...

We've been busy the past few weeks, we've redone almost all the DWV(drain, waste,vent I think) for the whole house. Not that there was a lot of plumbing with only one bathroom, and one kitchen. We've added quite a bit though, Deb's dad came out again, last Saturday, and we had another plumbing marathon. We got almost all the plumbing ready to pour, we were missing a couple parts, so I finished it last night. We got a load of gravel on tuesday, 7 yards. I'm using road base under the slab, I was going to use the same crushed stone that we used for the drainage, I think this stuff compacts better though, and the perimeter drains should get rid of most of the water. I cut a little bit more of the slab on Sunday as well, just to square it out, and get rid of more cracked concrete. I used a diamond blade on a circular saw. It makes an incredible amount of dust. I wore a mask, and kept it on for half an hour after cutting. A wet saw would be a better idea. We pour this Saturday, our neighbour Bill is going to help with the finishing, since he's done it before, and I'm still learning (I have a long way to go).

The dump truck dropping on the gravel in our narrow driveway. At least they didn't hit the house this time.

And various pictures of the plumbing and gravel floor (better than dirt)

The new door and stairwell.

A view towards the location of our new bathroom

Looking towards the location of the laundry area and powder room.

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Trissa said...

Wow! That is great progress! It looks like it went smoothly & that you will have a very stable floor in the basement!