Monday, October 10, 2005

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadain readers... and a Happy Columbus Day to those in the States! I hope you all stuffed yourselves silly with turkey, cranberries and wine!

This weekend was not only about turkey, it was a little of everything. Still recovering from various states of colds and flu, we managed to get the gardens cleaned up a little- it was a touch too rainy to do much- some basement walls torn down, insulation up, and the big one: repositioning one of the basement windows. When the house settled and the foundation cracked and sank, it took one of the window with it. Derek took off the mouldings from the outside, removed the window, ground off some stucco, and after much fidgeting got the window in... and level. It looks fantastic! A touch of spray-foam insulation and voila!

After the window was fixed, Derek got to work moving stuff around in the basement, and I packed away the books and videos. When he got to taking down the drywall that was put up probably in the 60s or 70s, he found a little trap door of some sort. We think it was probably used to bring coal down to the basement. It's just a little strange that it's on the front of the house, not on the driveway side. There are 4 hooks, 2 on each side top and bottom, and a couple of them still have their "eyes". It's a pretty neat discovery... but we were really hoping to uncover a window. As I write this, Derek is down in the basement banging bolts through the bottom plate into the foundation, and insulating what we can. It seems strange to have to move everything 3 or 4 times to be able to work where you need to.

On the garden note, this is our huge sunflower that Ella grew. It came out of the ground on an angle, but if it had grown straight, I think it would have measured over 9feet! You can see by the photo that the flower was gargatuan! We had to chop it down early because the little chickadees were eating the seeds and Ella wanted to bring it to school... well, when the teachers are back from their strike. (We fully support our teachers!)

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