Sunday, November 6, 2005

Update Smupdate

This past week Derek has been on "holiday". While on holiday so much work has been completed on the basement- I'll post some pictures later on. The electrical and plumbing is done, with the exception of one more outlet and the moving of the kitchen drain pipe 4" (more on that later, too!). The framing is probably close to 90% finished, and currently Derek is down in the basement feeding network cable, cable cable, and phone cable since we won't have another opportunity to do this after the drywall goes up. We do apologise to our regular readers for not posting the progress as it happens. For some reason this past week has been impossible to sit down at the computer and type away... with Ella at school (back from the teacher's strike YAY!) and her activities, and Seth tagging along, and family engagements, Hallowe'en, Parties.... etcetra etc. It's no wonder we haven't posted!!! LOL
Pictures to follow!

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