Friday, January 6, 2006

Long Time No Blog

Yes, it has been way too long since we've really blogged about the house. I was sick with the flu over the Christmas holidays, and I'm still coughing, and Derek pretty much took care of the house and kids (and all the laundry and the turkey which was de-licious!) while I was incapacitated. And during those holidays, he got plenty done although he doesn't really think so.
All the drywall is up, taped and now has it's second coat of mudd on it. It's taking him much longer to mudd than it did in Seth's room and I think that's what's so frustrating, but then again it's much bigger than the Chubb's room, and there's a bathroom and 3 closets! We don't really have enough trowels, so even though I'm better, I can't really help which is frustrating for me.
And now some photos:

There's one of the closets and ductwork, one of the long wall with soon to be built in bookcase, and the last of the exposed support beams which still need to be sanded, but how cool does that look!?!
I'm really proud of the work that Derek is doing in the basement, he's taking his time, fixing things some people (like our POs) would leave, and adding really cool elements to the design. He's hoping for it to be sanded and primed by the weekend's end and I think that's a good goal.
Next up... the paint colour decision... yikes!


Trissa said...

Wow- it's looking great! It's amazing how dry wall makes it look so much more complete. Way to go-

Nick said...

Hey Derek - I hope you have a new plasma TV going in that window-like opening in one of your pics...

Looks great!