Friday, January 20, 2006

A Tale of Two Bloggers

It was the best of times...
Tonight we had dinner for fellow housebloggers Trissa and Nick from Pigeon Point Project. One set of our fab neighbours, Billy and Jody, joined us as well- along with all three of their kids. I hope we didn't overwhelm Nick and Trissa! It was such a nice treat to finally meet them- they were exactly how we thought they would be, and I can't wait to get down to Seattle to see them again and all the progress they've made IRL.
It was a very nice dinner and big thank you to our weary travellers for bringing the wine, and Jody for the utterly stonkin' dessert!
As for our other fellow housebloggers... we talked about you (insert evil scientist's laughter- muah ha ha ah ha!).
One thing for certain- we all said we wanted to meet Greg from the Petch House!
So thank you Nick and Trissa for a very enjoyable evening and we hope you enjoy the rest of your visit to Vancouver!


Aaron said...

Cool! Nick actually mentioned to me in an email that he though you were going to meet up there. I was admittedly a bit jealous...I'm sure it was fun plus that's a beautiful part of Canada. Maybe J and I can swing a vacation that direction some day...

- Aaron

Greg said...

That does sound like fun, and what a nice thing to say. If you’re ever down this way be sure to let me know you’re coming. I’ll give you the grand tour of Eureka, which should only take about a half hour. :-)