Monday, January 16, 2006


This weekend was crazy! First, my sister was getting married- and I made the cake. I started sculpting the bride and groom topper on Thursday. I made the cakes on friday. Saturday they were decorated and Sunday, the big day, I stacked them and did the final touches.
Second, Ella's tooth is so wiggly and so very ready to come out that it's changed colour and you can see the edge of the tooth when it's wiggled.
And last, we had no measurable rain (needed .02mm) at the Vancouver Airport so alas, the rain streak from 1953 still stands at 28 days...
Derek is on holiday this week and he's downstairs chopping up his new concrete so that the shower and kitchen drains are in their proper places. I'm sure he'll write more about that another day. Also, the walls have their first coat of primer and have been touched up, and it's looking so fantastic down there it's unbelievable!!!

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Kristin said...

Adorable cake, and adorable girl! :)