Friday, May 12, 2006

Magical Mystery Flower

I still don't know exactly what I've got in my garden. Each spring so far (this is the 3rd) I head outside and start pulling weeds and bluebells. Last spring I pulled up many little bulbs that I thought were bluebells, but were in fact stars of jerusalem... at least that's what my mom called them. So this year instead of pulling up everything I reach for I'm only pulling up what I know to be weeds. Which brings me to the "Magical Mystery Flower". It's got these wierd shaped leaves- tightly growing like an iris, but really small. One day I noticed that it had a stem with 6 little buds on it. Okay, leetle flowers, if that's what you really are, I'll let you grow. A few days later the first one bloomed. Wow! They're really delicate smelling and have yellow way down in the centre, otherwise they're pure white with 6 petals. Sa-weeet! Still don't know what they are.
The magical mystery flower is coming to take me away. Coming to take me away, take me today!


Bonk at Home said...

Perhaps, Romulea? Kinda like a crocus. Are they from bulbs?

Anonymous said...

It's a freesia... lovely scent, gorgeous flowers.

deb said...

thank you anonymous!!!