Friday, July 28, 2006

That'll Do, Pig.

Yes, that'll do for now... the basement that is.

We got a call the other night asking if we could take in another student. Seeing as there is so much other stuff we can be doing we figured it's time for a break. Now we can strip and paint the trim around the basement windows, fix the glazing in them, put the final coat of stain on the fence, contemplate the back deck (what deck??? ooo, you're gonna like it!), refinish the floors in the rest of the house... I could go on, but why when there's pictures:
Yes, the tile isn't done and there's no concrete counter top, nor is there a kitchen. The toilet works and so does the shower so we're pretty happy with it.


Trissa said...

Looks great guys! I can't wait to hear about the plans for the deck- is it going to be in the back off of the kitchen?

derek said...

We haven't finished planning the deck, it's going to start at the kitchen, where the existing porch is, then continue to where the dining room is. We're going to add some french (or almost french) doors to the dining room. We don't want it to be huge, since our backyard isn't that big.