Monday, August 7, 2006

Al Capone's Vault

Sometimes you can really relate to Geraldo Rivera. Like when Derek was taking the stucco off the house yesterday we happened upon a bit of trim that didn't really fit the "flow" of the rest of it. Then we saw the hinges! ooo, i wonder what it is!?! A DOOR! But where does it lead? Could there be a secret stash of cash and bonds? Gold bullion? Jimmy Hoffa??? No, nothing like that. It was only the cardboard insulation some PO used. So, we guess it was the old electrical panel. Even though it was a dead end, it was sure exciting!


Anonymous said...

We found a mystery door on the side of our new house too. It was full of beautiful old wine bottles and jugs. The PO used to make their own wine.

deb said...


the only thing we've found is an old baseball card worth about $3 in perfect condition. we put it back in the wall in the basement.

o, we also found a baseball bat.