Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Keep On Boilin'!

November in Vancouver is notorious for rain, and this month makes no exception. With near record rainfall we've been hit with storm after storm, pineapple express after pineapple express, low-pressure system after low-pressure system. Sure, the grass is green, the trees are huge, and there's no snow, but man, have we had enough!
To top off the whole shibang over the last week we've been under a boil water advisory, with no end in sight. Two of the three resivoirs in the lower mainland have super high turbid levels. Nice! We should be okay with the few bottles we've got left, but who knows how long this advisory will last. After all, it's going to keep raining unitl next week... scratch that, it's going to keep raining until June.
Anyone see my galloshes???
On the house reno side of things, Derek has been hard at work insulating, vapour barring, wiring up the rest of the basement for his shop, and mine. I can't wait to pull out my stained glass stuff once more!

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Anonymous said...

Here in soggy Bellingham, I can relate! This November's really been one for the record books. I'm pretty sick of the rain & wind myself. Although at least we don't have to boil our water. Yet.