Thursday, January 4, 2007

I've been workin' on the hallway...

It seems like I've been working on these walls forever. I guess when I look back at what I started with it's not so bad. This wall was damaged a long time ago, when they added duct work to the upstairs. The plaster couldn't be saved, even with plaster washers. I guess I could have used some 1/4" drywall in sections. Later we removed the trim from this door. The previous owners shortened the doorway, when they removed the door, partially to level it out.

I opened up most of the existing cracks, so they could be filled. I used mesh tape on all the cracks. In the areas where it was down to the lathe, I used concrete fill, which is a drywall mud with fibre in it. It's pretty strong stuff.

Here's the wall that was missing so much plaster, the siren for the alarm is hanging down, since I didn't want to remove it. I think this is after 3 coats, the first one being the concrete fill. The trim is gone as well. Some previous owners also chiseled away half of the existing door casing at the bottom. I'm just going to make a new frame, since we're not putting a door here. It seems almost every doorway had a door at one time in our house.

Here's another corner... what else can I say, it's not the most exciting stuff.

Reluctantly, I removed the trim, so I could fix this corner. There's a motion detector for the alarm here too, I've been just working around it so far. Hopefully everything will be primed by the end of the weekend. That's what I was thinking last weekend. Deb and I have been stripping one of the doors too. She took the paint off both sides, and I worked at getting rid of the residual goo. I think I've spent almost as much time on the goo, as she spent on the paint. It comes off with denatured alcohol, and a lot of elbow grease. Next will be the trim, we'll finish the stuff we have off in the basement. The other stuff we'd like to do in place. I cracked a couple pieces getting them off. I need to get new wood for some of the baseboards. We hope to wrap this project up this month (except for the floors), since it's almost 3 years ago we started it.

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