Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Home Renos at Ent Speed

Not too much new happening lately, due to all the 60+ hour weeks I've been putting in at work. And we have the yard to take care of now, so that takes away from the renovation time as well. I've been slowly stripping the paint off the trim in the hallway, we've been working on this for over 2 years off and on. I've almost got the foyer stripped enough, that I can sand, and start putting varnish on. It has this one strange layer, I think it's some kind of shellac based undercoat. It comes off all gooey with the heat gun, then you have to scrub it a lot with denatured alcohol. My arms are still sore, I think I spent 6 hours scrubbing off this goo on Sunday. I looked at it again this morning, and it looks better than I remember. Maybe another couple hours, and we're ready to start with the Waterlox.
I started going over plans for a deck with my neighbour on the weekend. He's a carpenter, so we're going to hire him to help us build the deck. Hope fully we can start that by early summer, if we can at least wrap up a couple straggler projects (there are a lot of them). Hopefully we'll have something picture worthy soon.

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Trissa said...

That goo stuff sounds awful- at least it sounds like the worst part of the project is over. I hope that work slows down a bit so you can enjoy the longer days!