Monday, September 17, 2007

Deck Sconce Lights

These are the lights that we put on 3 posts this weekend. They're from Canadian Tire, part of their Moonrays collection. Installing them was pretty straight forward. I did have to do it differently than the instructions though. The connectors are really huge, and wouldn't fit through the half inch holes I drilled, so I had to cut the wires, and splice them together inside with butt connectors. The bulbs were the real problem. One light was missing a bulb, another one didn't work. So that means only one light is working out of 3. The bulbs are LED and supposed to last for up to 10 years. That's probably why they don't have replacement bulbs yet. I like the idea of only paying 27 cents per year per light for electricity, but if they don't have replacement bulbs. The lights we really wanted were over 60 bucks each, and these ones are only 15 bucks each, so the cost savings is pretty enormous. I put the cap on the railing, so I'm not going to take it all apart to return them. We'll get the bulbs eventually, for now, we only have one working bulb.
The railing cap is on now, on the deck but not the stairs yet. Deb said the router was going for an hour straight, I was carving out channels to run the wires for the lights. There was a lot of tricky cutting as well. Hopefully we get the railing cap on the stairs soon. It all needs to be stained too, and I can feel the weather turning. We got the Epifanes varnish for the fir beams on friday as well. The weather was too wet on the weekend, and I didn't have time to finish sanding the beams either. So hopefully some of the painting and staining can be done this week, I guess I'll be digging out the construction lights. As well, we need to do all the lighting under the deck, and fix pipes to our drainage pit, that had to be rerouted.


Chris said...

"One light was missing a bulb, another one didn't work. So that means only one light is working out of 3."

Sounds like Canadian Tire alright.

Trissa said...

Cool lights. The deck is looking great- congrats on getting so much done! Epifanes is a great product- I really like working with it.

Derek said...

Chris - I guess that's why they call it crappy tire, they built a fancy new designer store here, so I guess I was tricked.

Trissa - I remembered you guys using the marine varnish on your doors, so I looked it up on your site (as well as the fine woodworking article) so thanks for the tip on the varnish.

Anonymous said...
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