Monday, April 7, 2008

Hidden Kitchen Cabinets

We removed some of the wood from the kitchen on the weekend. Most of the wall are covered with a homemade board-and-batten, made out of plywood. The wood was above the kitchen cabinets, and it always kind of bugged me that is was even there. It took maybe 10 minutes to get it off, and maybe 20 to clean it all up. It turns out, there used to be cabinets up there. Some of them look like they were never used, the wood wasn't even painted. The centre one looks like it was painted, a few times, and it had pegboard doors. It all looks like 50's and 60's homemade cabinets. There was some vermiculite in one of the cupboards, I thought it was rat droppings at first. I'm glad it wasn't. There seemed to be some odor in the cabinets, must have been trapped in there. We're going to be adding a vent hood, so that's why we're opening things up. We're just going to paint all for the short term. I have to open the ceiling, to run the ducts out the sidewall. There's a dropped ceiling in the kitchen at the moment, it ends where the cabinets are. We're going to have to extend the ceiling, where the cabinets are. We're thinking of doing a tin ceiling, so I don't want to have to rip down the whole ceiling, and the plaster ceiling underneath, then re-level it all, just to cover it all up anyways.

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