Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Swing in to Spring

I put this up last night, Seth was really anxious for me to put it up, he was pouring over the instructions all afternoon. I think he would have tried to do it himself, if I didn't do it. I went to the new Home Depot by my work. It's a smaller one in a more urban landscape. They seem to hire the same level of staff though, I found what the metal loop lagbolts that I was looking for, after the guy showed me a carriage bolt. It took me a few minutes before dinner to but the loops up in to the deck structure. I put the swing together after dinner, the Ikea instructions weren't too bad. I stepped on the swing to make sure it was safe, and it sunk about 3". So I readjusted it, and the kids took it for a test ride. I don't think the grass is going to survive under the swing, so we'll have to find a solution to that.

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Jennifer said...

That's a cute little swing!