Sunday, May 4, 2008

Work on and under the deck continues

We're trying to finish the deck off for summer. Some stuff we can't do yet, like staining, since even though the weather was great today, it's not good enough for staining. I finished off the water table that I started last weekend. I had to take a few courses of siding off, and ended up replacing some of the sheathing too, since it was kind of rotten. When we get some siding to fix the front, I'll fix this part of the back too.
The other task is to get some light under the deck. There used to be a security light on the back wall, before we build the deck. We had to take that out. It's really dark under there too, especially at the barbeque. I used PVC conduit, not too bad, lots of different pieces, and I had to figure out how to connect it to the wiring inside. I'm missing some pieces of the security light, so I have to get a few new pieces to finish it off. The other cheap exterior light I got for over the barbeque, doesn't seal to the box properly, it's designed to be mounted directly to the wall. So I have to find a new light for there too. There are some nice industrial lights, they're out of our price range. We'd rather spend money on the french doors.

Next was risers for the stairs. I think they look a lot better, I left quite a bit of space at the bottom, so they shouldn't soak up too much water, which is always a concern with outdoor stairs. We'll stain the risers in the summer. I did some blocking on the stairs too, some pieces at the bottom, and some at the top. My neighbour recommended doing that, to give them a little more strength.

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