Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Deck photos

I realized a while back that we'd never posted pictures of the deck once it was completed. Well it's not quite done, but it's more done than it was last summer.

Here's a picture with the new arbour that I built a couple weeks back.

You can see the fir posts that we're varnishing in these shots. We're still sanding the beams, they were rough sawn, and the posts were s4s, so they were easier to sand.

These brackets are pretty heavy duty.

Here's the wall I removed the stucco from on Saturday. This is the small roof deck that we have to replace as well, it's smaller than 5x5'.

Here's one side of the outdoor couch I'm building, with my messy shop in the background. Hopefully we'll get the couch done before summer is done. I need to clean up the shop before I do anymore work on it, it seems to be the dumping ground for the house.