Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wallpaper and a Chandelier

We hung the wallpaper in the bedroom on Friday night. We've had the paper for a while, we got it though Graham and Brown. It's the kind of wallpaper without the glue, so we had to glue the back, and let it sit for at least 5 minutes. It's really difficult to cut when it's wet, that seemed to be the most difficult thing. I had problems with the first corner too, where you're trying to fold it both ways, it tore a bit. We're going to put up crown, so it's not a bit deal.
The next day we put up the chandelier. We got it from Home Depot, it's chrome with acrylic. It was still pretty heavy though. Took a bit to hook it up, They had a pretty good system for hooking it up, where 2 pieces screw together, then the escutcion gets screwed in to place. We hung it too low the first time, so we had to take it down and shorten the chain. We'll see how it looks with the bed back in place. I still have some work to do on the closet, then we can move back in. Since we're doing built-ins, I can't do the baseboards yet. It's going to take a while to get the built-ins done.
The weather is getting better, so we've been doing more outside. We want to get the draintile done at the front, so we can get our garden going. I just about finished digging already, it's only the front that needs to be done, since we did the sides before. There was an old gas pipe going through the foundation wall, so I cut that off with the sawzall. There's another pipe coming from the ground, it looks galvanized, and has a clamp on the top. No idea what it's for, it's deeper than the foundation, so I may just cut it off. Looks like it was for an awning or a small flag pole or something. I took a bunch of mortar and some stone off the foundation, that was left over from old stone work we took off. I used the sledgehammer, a masonry hammer and chisel. It was a lot of work, feeling sore from that. Next we need to parge the foundation wall, and some coating on it. Then we need to get all the gravel and pipes to finish the job. Hopefully next weekend.


Vivien said...

i loooooove this lighting fixture!!!!! i really wanted to buy one similar for our dining area - actually it was almost identical; but where we found it it was way overpriced. where do you shop for your lighting??

Vivien said...

ah never mind, it says it in your post! home depot! our favorite store ;)

Derek said...

it was $229, we ordered it online, since I don't trust ordering from the store.