Monday, January 3, 2011

Basement Kitchen Cabinets pt.1

Here's the new mobile base I got for my tablesaw, I got tired of dragging it around the shop. With a small shop, I have to shuffle the tools around.

I made a new crosscut sled for the tablesaw as well. My old one wasn't very accurate, so I just made a new one from scratch.

Here's the corner cabinet, which I built first, after building and levelling the base. There are lots of pipes to work around. I have to rework some of the plumbing as well.

Here are the 2 cabinets in place (temporarily). The one cabinet has the face frame on it, it'll have 2 doors, and will house the sink. There's a small 16" cabinet with 4 drawers I'm building as well. I reclaimed some fir for the doors and the face frame for the drawers from a real 2x4, it was actually 2.25"x4". Most of the cabinet and face frames are put together with pocket screws. I had some problems with the screws splitting the frames. This is apparently a common problem, they work a lot better on the plywood boxes, than the fir face frames. My time off is over, back to work tomorrow. Hopefully it won't take too long to do the drawers and doors. This is the test kitchen, since I'm making the cabinets for upstairs as well, hopefully soon.

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lmckenney said...

wow!! Nice basement of the kitchen cabinets i love it.
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