Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Cranky Construction Cat

"They call me Mr.Tibbs!"

I've had Mr.Tibbs since he was about 6 months old, rescued from a crack house in Surrey, if you can believe that. Such a good little kitty.... most of the time. I don't know why I called him Mr. Tibbs, it just seemed to suit him. He's now almost 9 years old and sleeps a lot, no claws anymore so he can't hurt the kids or the furniture (he always prefered the furniture to his scratching post). He loves Derek- especially when he's working. Forever curious, he'll follow Derek wherever he's working, even tries to get outside. Because Mr. is declawed, and because we're on a pretty busy street, we keep him on a lead outside. Long enough so he can enjoy himself in the yard, but short enough so he won't get into too much trouble. He seems to like it.

I know I've got some pics of him "constructing" with Derek, but at the moment they are nowhere to be found...

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Kristin said...

What an adorable picture! One of our cats follows us all over the house, but somehow when we're doing work, they both make themselves scarce!