Monday, February 28, 2005

Don't Cry For Me Argentina, I've Got Weeping Tile

We have had the most amazing February, breaking the record for most sunshine set in 1968. Now that the ridge of high pressure has moved on to Alberta, it's back to the rain.

Last summer we did the weeping tile on the west side of the house. When we had first moved in there was a poured walkway and some pavers right up against the house. We pulled up the pavers and broke up the sidewalk. As it turned out, the sidewalk was poured about 6" over the foundation wall- right up to the stucco. Yup, dry rot- not too bad considering the walkway was there for probably at least 50 years. After digging the trench for the weeping and drain tile we found out why there was half of a walkway and half pavers. Someone, somewhere along the line had actually added some weeping tile! Great discovery, but my question would be, "Why not do the drain/weeping tile along the entire length of the house?" Instead, they had the tile take a 45 degree turn across the driveway and we think now that it has been draining into the garage. We'll figure out exactly where it was draining when the re-grading is done.

Derek parged (covered with a layer of mortar) and tarred the foundation, put the landscaping fabric in the trench and gravel (3/4 crushed stone) along with the weeping tile. The two pipes drain into a dry bed well- a huge pit where the old oil tank used to be- filled with the old walkway, and more 3/4 crushed stone. Works like a dream.

Now it's the east side's turn.

Yesterday Derek was digging like a madman without a straight jacket! I was forced to move some of my plants and ended up losing a couple bulbs in the process. Ah well... live and learn as they say. In the morning he started re-grading the driveway. It's about 6" too high... grass over asphalt over pavers over who knows what else... Seth was a big help, and Ella was too busy with her friends to come get in the way. When the grass was removed from the driveway, a past homeowner had actually put in gravel! YAY! One less thing to have delivered for the driveway.

After lunch he started the trench for the drain and weeping tile. He made quick work of it that's for sure. Once it was all dug up, he washed the walls with the broom and Shell Bussey house cleaner (sorry I can't find a link for that stuff!) to prep the foundation for the parging and tarring. Then, if that wasn't enough work for him, he began to cut the concrete patio- which is 4" thick- with the circular saw and concrete blade, then broke it up with the neighbour's sledgehammer. The patio extends past the edge of the house about 2 feet, right where the tile needs to go. We'll put in another dry well for this side, and use the chopped up concrete for that.

It was indeed a long day. I didn't end up taking any pictures of Derek cutting up the patio because I was watching the Academy Awards. Why wasn't Napoleon Dynamite nominated for anything? HAHAHA! "IDIOT!"

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