Friday, March 11, 2005

Living in a Dream World

My dream kitchen would have both function and beauty. As it stands now, it's mostly function. Although we do have a great fridge and dishwasher!

Since we've opened up the closet in Seth's room to expose the brick chimney, adding a range hood where the stove is now would mean the vent would have to go through the opened up closet. Not so pretty. So, it will probably be moved to where the fridge is now- by the back door. It's really the only logical place for it. O how I love the IKEA Kitchen Planner programme! Even if you don't use their product as your kitchen, it will give you a really good idea of how your space will work. I think I've done at least a dozen different combinations to date! Here's a peek at my favourite one:

Derek is planning on making the cabinets himself.... of course it'll probably be one of the last projects we do on this house, so I'll have to make due with the current kitchen for at least 5 years. Ah well... life is but a dream..... sha-boom sha-boom

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deb said...

we love the nook and couldn't imagine the kitchen otherwise and we'd love to have the built-in benches back in there... someday.

Derek is making wicked progress on the corner of the foundation and i'm so proud of him. i feel much more safe now that it's properly supported and will not sink any further.