Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mysterious Motions

Laying in bed this morning just before it was time to get up, I noticed that the ceiling fan was moving- very slowly. Ella likes to turn it on so I thought that she might have turned it on and then left the room. I fell back asleep for about 10 minutes and when I re-awoke the fan was still. Hmmm. I'm not sure how much later it was, but there it was moving slowly again....

I told Derek that it was moving and the switch was off. We flipped the switch and then the fan went at normal speed- in the opposite direction it had been going when it was "off". Obviously there was something wrong with the wiring- the PO had done that room (along with a really bad drywall job) before they sold. In total there are 9 lights in our bedroom- 3 on the fan, 3 on a track in front of the window, and another 3 on another track in front of the open closet. That's more than the amount of lights on the entire main floor!

I hate ceiling fans. Almost of them. They're big and ugly and there's no need for one here in Vancouver. So, it came down before Derek went off to work and you know, the room looks so much bigger and better without it... now we just need to get rid of the track lighting... who puts track lighting in a bedroom anyway...?


Jocelyn said...

track lighting in a bedroom does sound weird. And I am with you on ceiling fans. The only decent looking one I've seen is by Fanimation called "The Sandella" and that would look good on a sun porch, but that's about it. Here in Chicago, they help in the summer when you don't want the air conditioning on- but they are ugly. We have one in our living room that has to go- brings down the whole house I keep saying. My boyfriend is supposed to make a light fixture, which is why it's still there. And of course, he has many projects ahead of that so there it stays for now. Wow- I didn't think I had that much to say about celing fans.

Trissa said...

It seems like they were trying to turn the bedroom into a living room or something. We have a couple of ceiling fans that will be taken out as well, I agree with all your sentiments about ceiling fans.

Now you can start thinking about what you'll replace the track lighting with!

Nathan said...

Unfortunately, fans need some distance from the ceiling to be effective. I keep thinking that if they were tighter to the ceiling I could like them, but they just come down too far and so occupy this big space right in the middle of the room. An excellent example of how we need unnoccupiable space. In order to feel comfortable, we need space NOT to be in as much as we need space to fill.
I've got a lovely faux wood fan in the dining room. All the hardware is that weird metal finish that's somewhere between bronze and dirty brass. I can't wait for it to come down, but that would mean repalcing the lights on it, which won't happen until we redo the ceiling. Ugh.
That said, we're modelling our back porch on that of a good friend. Her space is wonderful to be in and the fan is a big part of it. Here in DC, a good portion of the summer would be unbearably muggy without the fan. Her porch has a peaked ceiling that the it almost recesses into with plenty of air circulation space above, so that the fan is very discreet.

derek said...

Yeah the room seems bigger without the big fan in the middle. I think you need higher ceilings or vaulted ceilings for a ceiling fan. There are a few fans out there that don't look too bad. Our summers aren't too warm here, and the humidity is low. People complain when it's above 25c (80f). At least we don't need a/c it saves a lot of money. I remember low profile fans in Latin America, they didn't have a light on the bottom, and they were really high speed.