Friday, April 1, 2005

Fenced In

When you have a 5' precipice and 2 small children, you really need a fence. I've been looking at some good neighbour designs, not that you can see anything but garage on the side anyways. We're looking at building a version of a picket fence.

It will have wide and narrow pickets, and a scalloped design. There is a pergola like structure at the top, to grow vines, and hang plants from. It will be built on top of retaining wall we built last year. We left brackets to attach the fence, so we don't have to bury the posts. I'm thinking of running a bolt through the post in to the step in the wall as well, for extra stability. Here's what our mess of a yard looks like now.

We're going to use cedar for the fence, if we can afford it. We may use pressure treated spruce for the posts, I'd like to use pressure treated cedar though. We hope to get started in the next couple weeks, if the weather co-operates. The little one is getting faster outside, so safety takes precedence.


derek said... I forgot to post this link, they have some good inspiration

Brian Heckel said...

did ya tell your neighbors. they may want to put a coat of paint on their garage first.

derek said...

He said he was going to paint it last summer. There's a little more than 2' between the wall and the fence, so it wouldn't be that hard to paint. Easier before for sure. With the amount of rain we get in the spring, not a good time to paint.

Trissa said...

Are you going to paint the fence, or keep it natural? In the landscaping design class we looked at pictures of different fences and if it's painted white and has gaps, you really can't see past it. I've always been drawn to the natural wood fences, but now I'm a little more open minded. I guess your eye is drawn to the white. I love the design!

derek said...

We want to go with a clear stain. Natural cedar turns a grey colour. We'd like it to be sanded smooth as well, different than the typical rough cedar.