Monday, April 18, 2005

Ominous Omnivours

Anybody know how to keep raccoons away? They aren't afraid of the dogs in the neighbourhood, and they get in the compost (well, the storage bin before it goes to the compost bin). Someone had a problem with badgers and recommended coyote scent. I don't know where you'd buy that kind of thing, or if it would deter them. It might attract coyotes. I guess we'll just wrap a bungie cord around the compost bin to keep them out for now. If there's no food, hopefully they don't come around.


SmilingJudy said...

Coyote urine is a pretty well-known critter deterrent. And it's available in more places than I'd expect:


Cranky old-young guy said...

I find either a live-trap from the humane society, animal control, or the tried and true 12 gauge shotgun to be the best solutions.

Ann said...

We don't have a problem as our dog is an outside dog and the raccoon stays clear. Just make it so they can't get into it, your bungee cord might work, if not get a different container with a better locking mechanism.

A 12-gauge is a little bit over the top really, it isn't like the raccoons are damaging anything.

Kasmira said...

When I had a similar problem, SD at the Clark Creek Blog recommended dribbling ammonia around the base of my trash cans. I suppose it is similar to the urine concept. It will burn your plants, though.