Friday, April 15, 2005

The Trouble With Tribbles

We have a troublemaker in the family. Every night without fail, Seth (who is 17 months) does whatever he can to either get out of the living room or get me out of the kitchen. This would include any or all of the following:

  • screaming at me over the gate
  • pulling out all the cds
  • trashing the fireplace screen
  • playing with the fire grate or last chunk of burnt wood
  • turning off the tv while Ella's watching it
  • moving the furniture
  • throwing anything he can get his hands on over the gate

Last night was the last straw. He had charcoal all over his hands and some on his legs- the grate was on the floor and he managed to break the fire screen (it can be fixed- just a nut came loose). After the kids were in bed my knight in shining armour made yet another anti-Seth contraption (the first being a gate for the basement stairs that swings back to lock behind you) and so far it's working. Even after all that he manages to get into he's still a good boy, just not when I want to make dinner.

At least he doesn't bite.

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heather said...

Nothing like home renovation with a toddler! My two-year old decided she didn't want oatmeal yesterday and chucked it ALL AROUND the dining room. I just stepped out to move some recyclables outside. When I came back in it looked like oatmeal had been sprayed around the room with a lawn sprinkler! (It even was on the stained glass windows over the fireplace in the living room.) Hopefully we will get our playroom completed this summer...including easily cleaned vinyl flooring safe for children of ALL ages! :)

Good luck and let us know how things continue!