Sunday, May 29, 2005

Helicopter Landing Pad

This beautiful, hot weekend was spent building the playhouse for the kids. We're telling Ella that it's a helicopter landing pad and we'll paint a big "H" on it. "Why would you do that to your child," you ask? Well, if any of you out there know our 5 year old (o, excuse me 51/2...) you know that she will go on and on and on... and on. She even talks in her sleep. So, until it's obvious that it will be a playhouse it will remain a helicopter landing pad... with walls... and a roof... and some steps... and a door... maybe some windows... and a table and chairs........


Brian H said...

I spent the day yesterday building a "flower-bed" next to the swingset where the boys tiny turtle sandbox sat. His birthday (4) is next weekend. i wanted to suprise him with a new sandbox, its going to work.
i build kid toys to extremes. its 10x10 and 2' deep. flush with the existing grade. i had to dig out 8 yds of topsoil under a mature acer-nigra. i put down the typar and tossed on some sand to hold it till next weekend.
i told the boy that i had to order special flower soil that would come in next weekend but a little sand wouldnt hurt.

Brian , wisconsin

Trissa said...

I love the helicopter pad story. It will feed the imagination for years to come and will hopefully lessen some of the questions for awhile!