Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Newest Toy

And it's not a '93 Mazda 4x4. It's a Bosch jigsaw.

It cuts through wood like butter, well compared to the old jigsaw that Deb got through Airmiles. I think I had it on too fast though, it was hard to follow the line, it was pulling away, instead of having to be pushed. Made in Switzerland, what a difference to made in China. Now the fence should be finished by the weekend. Hopefully some good progress on the Playhouse, er I mean landing pad too.


Greg said...

Hooo Baby! Come to papa! That is a nice looking tool. It makes my Black & Decker garage sale jig saw look like a pile of crap with a saw blade stuck in it.

Carol said...

We got one just like that to do a curved fence gate- the Bosch got the best reviews in the web. So stange,Grex, we had a 1960's B and D from an old lady's estate sale, it was all metal and got superhot and we'd have to wait for it to cool off every 5 minutes. The 'roughing it' tools are more interesting to talk about in origin and hardship factor, but the 'big boy' tools are so efficient, especially after suffering for so long.

derek said...

it's a lot heavier than the airmiles cheapy we had. The blade doesn't wander at all, and it has so much power. It's the most industial feeling tool that I own. I finished the fence last night.