Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hand mixed concrete

Just like the way grandpa did it in the good old days. My neighbour and I (he offered to help) mixed 16 bags last night, for the inside portion of the formwork for the basement stairwell. We had to shovel it in to the forms too, I didn't set up anything so we could just pour it. We ended up being about a bag short, it shouldn't matter though, since I have to pour the floor up against it. As well, he ended up adding a bag of quickset, I hope it doesn't make that much difference mixed in. Now, I need to frame in a new door, and get rid of another part of the patio. Then we can get a bin to get rid of all this concrete. I need to figure out exactly where the plumbing is going too, I need to break up a little bit more of the floor, for the bar sink.

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Trissa said...

Ouch- mixing concrete by hand is not easy. I hope your back is feeling okay today. Sounds like you've got a great neighbor!