Thursday, June 9, 2005

Room for a Princess

Since the weather hasn't been co-operating lately I decided to take it upon myself to finish some painting. I sent Ella to the neighbour's house and Seth went down for his usual afternoon nap. Ahhh! it's so quiet! I gathered my paints and headed upstairs. When I stopped painting Ella's room last year, I wasn't quite done but I had no artistic energy left in me to finish what I started. Now, I'd like to think it's finished... well, at least my part. The dormer still needs drywall on 2 walls (the awkward ceiling is done though) and she needs baseboards on 3 out of 4 walls.

I had added already the large trees and grass, Cinderella's castle ontop of a hill with a dirt road leading up to it. Something was still lacking though.

Yesterday I added a butterfly over her mirror with a ribbon around it:

A few dragonflies:

A spider (who sat down beside her...) and it's web:

A cow jumping over the moon (clock):

A flying top hat:

More flowers and fields around the castle:

And the dish running away with the spoon:

All in all it's pretty close to what I had originally envisioned for her room, and in a few years she'll probably want to paint all her walls black, but until that happens, she'll be the little princess...


Jocelyn said...

I love it and I am sure she will too. I remember my Dad put glow in the dark stars on our ceiling when we were kids and we just loved it.

It will be a lasting memory for her I bet. Bedtime is such a nice time when you are a kid and you get tucked in, thanks for reminding me of that! Life is good.

Trissa said...

Wonderful work, Deb! I can remember my ceiling and wallpaper from when I was little and the pictures I drew on the wall next to my bed. (They were nowhere near as nice as your painting.) Way to go!

Becky said...

Love it! My favorite is the fields around the castle. What a lucky little girl to have such a creative mom.

deb said...

thanks everyone!

next up is her dresser... a plain 7-drawer unit from ikea currently painted orange, yellow and mint. it's going to be a few days before i can get it done so i'll post everything about it then..!