Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Love the Smell of Solvent in the Evening

We put the first coat of Sikkens Cetol 1 on our backporch last night. It looks good, we can see a few drips that we missed working in the dusk. The mix of pressure treated and cedar is a bit of a problem, I still like the look of it though. We bleached and cleaned the wood a while back, it was cleaned with a mixture or bleach and TSP, and washed off with a pressure washer at 500psi. Some of the pressure treated 4x4's are still a little dark, I could bleach them some more, or wait until their colour fades a little. I think we'll just go ahead and stain though, I don't know how long we can go without rain here, since it rained most of last month. As well, I need to finish the stairwell, and start making some headway plumbing the basement. We're also planning on replacing the furnace, before it starts to get cold. I'll post some pictures soon.


Trissa said...

Glad that the Sikkens worked well. Good thinking to take advantage of the nice weather- who knows how long it will last!

derek said...

Yeah, it hasn't been a great summer on the wet coast so far this year. It has gotten a lot better in the last week though. I think we're going to use twice as much stain as I thought we would. It'll be almost half the cost of the lumber to build the fence.