Thursday, July 21, 2005

Plans for the Cellar

We are currently in the process of planning our basement. It's been slow going, it's a big project though. The basement is 30'x28' and the ceilings are only 6'-8"(I think basements were mostly used for storing coal when the house was built). It's going to be a suite for students for a few years, then hopefully we can use it for ourselves, so we've designed it as a studio, that will become an entertainment area. The other half of the basement will be the workshop and storage areas. The laundry area will be shared, it's right next to the basement door. There's a half bath as well, that's going to be really small, we only have one bath upstairs, and with kids another would be nice. Plus when you're working outside, you don't have to go upstairs.
I didn't label anything, so I guess it's a little hard for other people to read what is what. Can you believe I used to be a draftsperson at an architect's office? I'm just too lazy to label everything properly, Autocad just seems so clunky, since I've switched to more robust 3d software. I haven't drawn everything on the non-suite side, there are a couple walls missing, we'll figure all of that out later though.


Serendipity House said...

Looks like a great plan! What year was your house built? I wish our basement was usable living space. Ours is about a foot shy of your 6'8" ceiling. I actually whacked my head so hard on a floor joist once, I had to get a CT scan! Be careful while working down there!!

derek said...

Our house was built in 1928. The beams are about 3" above my head, so that's lucky. I was at my neighbours next door, and I bumped my head on one of their beams, probably 5'8". My neighbour knocked himself out one day.

Trissa said...

The layout looks great. The extra bath will be great. So, when does all of this start?

derek said...

I'm working on the back door stairwell now. Plumbing should start in a week or so. We're aiming for December for completion, so probably next summer some time.