Thursday, July 7, 2005

stairwell to hell

Not exactly, I just liked the sound of the title. We went and looked at doors at Home Depot last night, we thought they'd at least have a door similiar to the one we have upstairs, just a wooden door with a window in it. They only had these ugly metal doors with stained glass (and not the good kind of stained glass). They're all prehung, with sills and weatherstripping, so easy to install. Not really to our taste though. We have a little leeway on the size of the door, since they used really thick wood for the casing, a 36" door could fit, I think it would be tight though.

I started the drainage for the stairwell, I dug a trench to the dissapation basin in the backyard, and put some pipes in, to connect to the floor drains. I filled in the trench, and cleaned up the mess from stripping the forms. I broke out the old step at the bottom of the stairs. We're ready to build forms for the new concrete steps, should be poured by this weekend.

I also got some stain for the fence yesterday. It's from Sikkens, it's 2 step process, you start with Cetol one for the first coat, then you use Cetol 2,3 for the second and third coats. Now if we can just get a dry spell, so we can put it on.


Trissa said...

The Sikkens should be great- I hear it goes on pretty nicely as well. I'll look forward to hearing about how it works and seeing pictures. Is there a good salvage yard up in Vancouver where you can look for doors?

derek said...

There are a few salvage yards. There's a big one, I think it's 2 acres. Surrey New and Used , Jack's Used Building Supplies and there's the Restore.

Greg said...

A metal doors with stained glass?!?! That doesn't even sound like something that should exist.

derek said...

If you can even consider it stained glass. Made by a machine I'm sure. I wouldn't pay $600 for something that ugly.

norm said...

Hi Derek

How can I reach you?

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