Saturday, July 9, 2005

Skinny Bins

We just received our bin this morning, I hope it's big enough for all the concrete. The guy seemed a little surly on the phone; he was really nice this morning though, we both chatted for a while about our almost 2 year olds. Now for the grunt work of filling it up. We can put dirt in it too, if I had know that, I'd have gotten a bigger bin.

The formwork is almost done for the back steps, we should get them poured this weekend. I don't know about the floor for the stairwell though, it would be nice to get that done too. We're probably going to hit a salvage yard or 2 tomorrow, looking for a new basement door. If the door is too nice, it'll probably end up as the back door upstairs, and we'll move the back door to the basement.

This picture is a little old, it kind of shows what's going on though.

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