Tuesday, July 26, 2005

While the Cat is away...

While Derek has been busy staining the fence (I stained the bits behind my gardens, and helped with the handrail...) I have been busy in general maintenance around the house. You know, the fun stuff. Mopping the floors. Scrubbing the loo. Folding the laundry. Today I moved the kitchen table. The picture to the right was taken pretty much within the first few days we moved in. Note the lovely lacey curtains, and horrid blue carpet that matches the cabinets. That carpet came out long ago and underneath it looks as if once upon a time there were built in benches- the second layer of lino didn't go underneath the benches. So I've got this table that my Uncle Bill made (who doesn't have an Uncle Bill?!?) for my parents o so many years ago. My sister was supposed to take it, but alas changed her mind and we were stuck with a table in the basement with no home for it.

A couple weeks ago, while Derek was at work, I took his tape measure and compared the two tables... My Uncle's table was only a quarter inch bigger in every direction! Could it possibly fit? Today I unscrewed the 1970s "built-in" table and brought up the homeless table. Mind you, it was still built in the 70s but at least it doesn't match the counter tops and can move when you need to get underneath to sweep up the endless amount of cheerios! So this is how it looks now:
... and it has matching benches!


Trissa said...

It looks great Deb! Moving the table will make the cleaning so much easier! I like the matching benches & it's cool that your Uncle Bill built the table and benches.

Kim said...

Looks great! Nothing like carpet in the kitchen...I don't have an uncle Bill, but I do have an uncle Bob, another very common uncle name;) Good luck!