Monday, July 11, 2005

Working on the Chain Gang.

So the bin is 3/4 full, and I'm 100% drained. There's still some concrete in the basement, and some small stuff on the driveway. It' nice to have an almost clear driveway again. I still want to break up some of the old concrete driveway, and get rid of some more dirt. So we didn't get the back steps poured, it'll be a couple more days until I have the energy. I'll probably get all the forms done, so I can just concentrate on pouring. We looked at some doors at the salvage yard, they didn't have many nice old doors, the had a couple new ones that could work for the basement. As least they're wood, they're made in Brazil, they're primed, and they have a craftsman kind of feel to them. They had one we really likes, fir, with prairie style glass, it was $700 though, too much for a lowly basement door.

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