Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Laundry area complete

The laundry machines are now in their new locale, beside the basement door. All that had to be done was hook up the water to the laundry tub and a new vent for the dryer. It all went together pretty flawlessly, I slopped a bit of caulking on the stucco, it's under the stairs, so I'm not so concerned. We're going to replace the plastic hose on the dryer with metal ducting, we'll leave that for later though.
Then it was time to help Bill our neighbour with the foundation for his room under the kitchen door and back porch. The layout of their house is very similiar to ours, we have almost the same room at our house, that we rebuilt. So saturday we did the footings, the room is roughly 5x10', and there are 2 existing piers, that we tied the footing in to. The footings took 13 bags of concrete, that we mixed by hand in a wheelbarrow. The next day we built the forms for the walls. We didn't quite get it all done, since we had to go to dinner at my mom's, and we got a late start. On monday, we were supposed to pour the concrete, I couldn't help though, I hurt my back just turning over in bed. Isn't that always the way? So Steve and Bill were alone to mix the 40 bags of concrete by hand for the walls. I rented a mixer for our wall, it's not so bad mixing that many bags, I'm sure they're feeling it today though.
Next is the furnace, it's already feeling like fall here in the mornings and at night. We may have run the furnace this morning, it was a little chilly. We don't have much oil left though, and we want to save what we have, until the gas furnace is installed. One of the next things is to add a subpanel for the basement, since we're running out of room on the main panel.

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