Friday, September 9, 2005

Last Step Poured

I poured the last step, so that's it for concrete for this year... oh wait, I have to help my neighbour pour a small slab. The step looks a lot better than the other ones I poured, my neighbour Steve gave me some pointers. You need to bevel the bottom of the plywood, so the concrete doesn't seep under, and leave a groove, especially if you're angling the riser to get a nosing. As well I filled some of the cracks with non-shrink grout. I had already fixed them from the outside, before parging the outside of the wall.

Next is to install a sub panel, since our panel is almost full. I got one for free from a guy at work, it's Square D the same brand as the other panel, so that's a good thing, we can move breakers from one panel to the other without a problem. On Saturday, I'm going with my FIL to look at a furnace, he knows someone who owns the heating and plumbing company, so we're getting some kind of deal. I don't know if we'll save much converting to gas, since the utility is rising prices by 25% this year. I'm hoping the high efficiency furnace will make it cheaper than oil, and it's more convenient. The old furnace is making me nervous anyways, it's so old, and I think it could be on it's last legs, since it's at least 50 years old. Those old oil furnaces last forever.

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