Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Oprah Environment

I just finished watching today's Oprah Show. Leonardo DiCaprio was on talking about global warming.

As many of you regular readers already know, we're trying to make our old-timer as environmentally friendly as possible. We compost kitchen scraps, cut the grass long and leave the trimmings ("grasscycling"), we recycle everything that is accepted, don't dump paint and other toxins down the drain, we turn off the lights when we leave a room (it's a bit hard to get Ella to do the same) and the lights that stay on are compact fluorescent, we live in the city where we work and only own one car, which is fairly new (2002) and efficient. It's not hard.
Americans produce 25% of the world's emissions while only having 5% of the world population. That's a HUGE percentage, and I'm not saying us Canucks are any better (I only know the stat from Oprah), but at least we've signed the Kioto accord, and have government incentives to change our polluting ways. So I say this to all of our loyal American readers... please write to your congressman, senators, or whoever else is in charge and demand something to be done about the environment and global warming. They won't do anything until you tell them to. Sorry if this sounds a bit preachy, but I feel very strongly about this and maybe it's because we have kids and want the world to be healthy for them and their children, etc...
In the meantime, do what you can... change your lightbulbs, compost, recycle, drive less, and make sure your appliances have the EnergyStar label.
Thanks for listening to me rant ;)


Anonymous said...

Hehe, maybe the rising fuel costs will help reduce consumption. Less SUV's, less trips to the grocery store, more planning ahead.

Personally I'm glad I can walk to work. Regarding lights, I installed a motion sensor light switch in the kitchen, partly to keep the kids from leaving it on, and partly because it's inconvieniently located.


Daphne said...

Just found your blog and I've been browsing all day! I agree with your call - I'm an American and have done what I can to keep CO2 down in our house, but I realize it's not enough. Thank you for posting about this - we all need to take heed.