Monday, October 24, 2005

Framing and Rough Plumbing

We finished off the rough plumbing for the basement bathroom and kitchenette. I picked up the shower faucet on Friday, and all the other valves etc. on Saturday morning. We had to modify the wall, to get the shower valve and head in the right location, that didn't take too long though. We had one joint that leaked, when we turned the water back on, 10 more minutes and it was all working though. We have since found a small leak at the shower faucet, the threaded pipe with the teflon tape, so we have to remedy that. I think we'll have to move the pipes for the kitchenette, once the half wall is built for the bar, counter area. There are so many parts with plumbing, I find it really confusing, I'm glad I have someone like Deb's dad to help (more like do it for us, since I didn't help too much).
Sunday was spent cleaning out the basement, so that we could work easier, without all the mess. We were surprised that we could find spots for everything, and have the space clear. Basements are dangerous, because it's like a license to be a junk collector. You take stuff you don't need, just because you can. My dad brought us some more stuff on Sunday as well, another computer monitor, and some other stuff. It's better than what we have, so we'll just have to get rid of the old stuff, instead of just leaving it in the basement to collect dust.
Once the mess was cleaned up, we did a little more insulation work. We glued some 1" EPS (Extruded Polystyrene) to the concrete, and filled the lower part of the stud bays with 2.5" EPS. It gives us an R value of 17.5, the top of the wall will be R-20, which is our target. We seemed to go through a lot of PL premium glue, one tube only did 2 or 3 pieces. It's going to be expensive, since the EPS insulation and glue aren't cheap. We're hoping it'll pay off, with the high price of energy though. As well we do get a government rebate for adding insulation, and reducing our energy consumption. It was a productive weekend, it's so nice to see the walls going up!

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