Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend Warriors

This weekend was very, very, very wet. Not much gardening went on, not much can really go on at this time of year, actually. Although I did move one of our rosebushes which was in the way of the car getting in and out of the driveway. I hope I didn't kill it. I bought a bunch of tulip bulbs from Rona... 40 of them for $10! I love tulips.... well, all spring bulbs really- who doesn't???
About a month or so ago when Derek was taking off some 1/4" plywood that covered the beams in the basement, he discovered that one of the 6x6" beams was rotten. Yet another mental thank you card was sent to a PO for their brilliance. This weekend, Derek took out that beam and replaced it with an entire wall of 2x6"s! Yay! Then he got to work building walls for the suite's bathroom. And as usual, there was lots of help: "Ooooh, wood!"
Also on Saturday, my Dad came up again to help with plumbing... this time: copper! Yes, it's finally starting to come together after months of planning and waiting. As you can see from the pictures, the R14 Roxul insulation is in, vapour barrier and tuck tape is up, acoustic sealant is on, and the spray foam insulation is around the windows and door. The framing around the window is a little higher than the window itself so it will be able to open more than 90degrees since they open in... and you so don't want to bang your head on the window frame everytime you get up from the toilet! It was a pretty busy weekend and a lot was acomplished... we also sold some Girl Guide cookies! yum

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