Saturday, November 26, 2005

Insulation is Itchy

I am sitting here freshly washed after putting up just over 2 packages of roxul sound insulation, and man was I ever itchy... very, very itchy! The sound insulation is not as thick as the regular insulation, and it's really tough to work around all the wires. Derek is still in the dungeon putting up concrete and aqua board in the bathroom. He's using these special screws that cost a lot more than regular drywall screws to put the concrete board up... they're called "ROCK-ON"! I wonder if the manufacturer knows how funny that is!?! All I know is that it makes me giggle. Hopefully we can get the rest of the sound insulation up without too much trouble, even though the spaces that are left are the ones that are really fidgety.
We tried to go to our favourite Santa tonight for our yearly visit with the kids, but it was not to be so... the mall was closed... even though it said on their website that they would be open late (till 9pm)... and even the kids were all dressed up and well behaved... take two next weekend.

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Trissa said...

Even though insulation seems to go pretty fast, it isn't one of my favorite tasks. But that does mean that you're getting closer to finishing, which is great! Too bad about santa- hopefully things will go smoothly next weekend!