Sunday, November 20, 2005

Special Delivery

Okay! Derek went to Home Depot on Thursday night after work to order some supplies. We both figured that to get all the stuff we were needing (excluding toilets and sinks, tiles and grout, etc.) we'd first have to lift it onto a cart, into a vehicle (rented or borrowed) and then into the house... pretty much lifting everything 3 times. Since he's recovering from an injured back (sneezing) we figured it was well worth the $60 delivery fee, and it being Thursday we could arrange for a morning delivery and then have the rest of the day for working.
Yeah, I don't think so.
We did get a call from our driver saying that he'd be at our house in 20-30 minutes. That was at 9:23am... fast forward to noon. We phoned Home Depot and they passed the message along to their driver. Apparently we were supposed to get a call from them saying that the driver would be late due to an unscheduled repair to the clutch. Yeah, good communicating guys! So, with the morning wasted and the driver embarrassed (he said he'd "have a word...") we received the mother load... drywall, concrete board, sound insulation, some kind of sound channel things, lots more 2x4s, corner beading, and a whole whack-o-screws to keep it together.
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