Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Schlueter Shower Membrane

We installed the shower membrane today, and can tile in another 24 hours, if we had some tile. We haven't had a chance to shop around for tile yet. The first step was to cut the shower pan to size (it's made of foam), and then attach it to the floor with thinset. You're supposed to use the unmodified thinset, we used the modified, most sources say it won't make a difference.

Next the corners. They're also done with thinset.

Here is the finished shower, I missed a lot of steps, my hands were too messy to pick up the camera. It took me about 7 hours to complete, and didn't seem too difficult. It was stressful though, the kit was over 500 bucks, and I kept thinking of what would happen it all went wrong. I had a lot of problems with the drain connection, since it's in a concrete floor, you can't do it from below. I had to shave another 1/4" off of the pipe, and little off the drain to get it to fit properly. It seems like a good system, I hope it's as waterproof as they say it is.

We're thinking of doing the walls with white 3x6 subway tiles, 1x1 tiles on the floor, 4x4 tiles on the curb. We were thinking of hex for the floor in the rest of the bathroom. At least it's a small room, so it shouldn't be too expensive.

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Trissa said...

You're making good progress & it looks great! I think the tiles will be beautiful & all the prep work will pay off!